The mission of the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) is to serve consumers and members by advancing residential ventilation for healthy, energy-efficient homes.

HVI is a nonprofit association offering a variety of services for manufacturers including, but not limited to, test procedures, certification and verification programs for airflow, sound and energy performance, and market support.

HVI offers a wide variety of services for:

Consumers: Learn how HVI-Certified products benefit you as a consumer, determine which products are right for your home, and discover the differences between ventilation systems so you can have confidence in your purchase decisions ... details

Builders/Contractors: Find HVI-Certified products that meet your project specifications and performance parameters ... details

Manufacturers: Discover why manufacturers with HVI-Certified products have an advantage in the marketplace ... details

The Benefits of Good Ventilation
A properly designed and installed home ventilating system provides a wide array of benefits to the homeowner, and also creates healthier, more comfortable and satisfied customers for mechanical installers and builders.
How Much Ventilation Do I Need?
Ventilation products have differing capacities for moving air, making it important to ensure the product being selected has ample capacity for the application.

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